Advantages of Using Woocommerce in E-Commerce Websites

Whenever the name WordPress is mentioned, many users instantly know what you are talking about, but few of them know that Woocommerce is the eCommerce plugin developed by WordPress in 2011, and that since then till now, it has gotten thousands of users. There are numerous advantages that this plugin offers.

It is on WordPress

Because of the popularity of WordPress, using a plugin designed by the same developer would assure that visitors to your site remain on familiar ground. This is a factor that is sure to increase conversion rates.


Blog Extension

Also, one of the major benefits of being on WordPress is the blog extension. Most ecommerce sites have to have a blog separate from the store, but with Woocommerce on WordPress, the blog is integrated.

It is free         

Woocommerce is free open source software.  You do not have to pay for it and it can also be updated for free. All you need to do is go onto the site and download the plugin in a matter of minutes.

Professional and customizable

Woocommerce plugin is professional and standard and it can be easily customized with a variety of themes which can also be further modified for color variety.


Woocommerce offers a wide range of analytic tools that make it a top choice for ecommerce developers. This is really great because with this tool, you do not have to download a separate plugin or hire a separate staff as the tool has this inbuilt already.



With Woocommerce, security is a major factor of excellence. Woocommerce is highly secure and this is because of the regular updates that it undergoes to ensure that it cannot be hacked and that bugs present are quickly weeded out.


Woocommerce offers a lot of flexibility. Using the plugin, you can make content changes easily without much fuss.

Opportunity for growth

Using Woocommerce, you can be sure of various opportunities for growth and expansion. There are many ways in which you can modify the templates with which the plugin comes to include new extensions.

Large community support


WordPress has a very large community, which is also enjoyed by the Woocommerce plugin. A large community support especially for an open source software such as Woocommerce ensure that bugs and other problems are easily weeded out.

More Than Ecommerce

WooCommerce doesn’t force users to go beyond their comfort zone when building their online store, yet at the same time, it readily opens the door for more than just ecommerce.

Familiar Friendliness

With WooCommerce being a WordPress plugin, past users of the platform will benefit from being able to recognize the user-friendly WordPress interface. That kind of familiarity when building an online store could easily save time and confusion, whilst bolstering creativity.

Apps Galore

As it is, WooCommerce has the ability to help any aspiring online merchant set up, and run his business easily, and professionally. Yet, for those looking for extra functionality, WooCommerce once again doesn’t disappoint.

It helps you do Content Marketing better

When it comes to serving content to your prospective customers, WordPress is the undoubted leader. An integration of WordPress and WooCommerce gives you the best of both worlds.

Cazablaze Technologies and Woocommerce

Cazablaze Technologies Develop small and medium eCommerce websites using WordPress and Woocommerce Plugin. Woocommerce is the one of the best eCommerce framework under WordPress cms. It will help us to ensure the client experience is the best. It has many options and addon plugins to showcase products to there clients.  Also it helps us to provide a search engine optimized and secure website to the client.