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Share N Learn

“Education is the movement from darkness to light.” – Allan Bloom

We believe that the first thing we have to give a child is education and he will make the rest himself. Share N Learn is a campaign of and it aims to bring the fruit of education to the rural areas and the poor. It enables everyone to share their study materials for the poor students taught by Every study material you share will be reaching for the education of the poor. It will be the beginning of a revolutionary change if you decide to share something for the education of the poor. It is not collecting any money; all your study materials and knowledge that may useful to someon. What you have to do is to tell us what we should teach them. For that you can share us the study materials you possess and we will share it with the students who all needy and boost their education.

Coursegig will be providing many benefits for the kindhearted people who came forward to share what they have with the fellow students. You will get exclusive features from the website. As a part of the campaign the students who upload maximum study documents will be getting huge rewards from us and the student groups will be winning the exclusive prices from us.

The campaign will be run with the colleges, schools and universities from different parts of the country. Therefore the colleges be also receiving the award for the excellence in promoting Share N Learn for the education of the needy. We expect everyone to be the role model of the next generation for making education reach the world.

Let “Share N Learn” be a light that will lead millions of students in gaining true knowledge that can help them shape their future and as a result help in the country’s progress and development.

What is Share N Learn?

Share N Learn is a campaign that has been designed to help millions students all across the country in their academic subjects. Since acquiring knowledge is the main aim of any student, our aim is to provide the best academic support to these students. Join our website and help shape your career and future in a much planned way. Get assistance with study materials for any subjects of your choice and make studies interesting. Lets share the Knowledge and Make sure you register so as to avail our service and knowledge

We also aim in providing quality education support to those students in rural areas who are not able to get better assistance in education.