The Genesis Framework: Loaded with many advantages

Genesis Framework

The Genesis Framework helps you to quickly and easily build awesome websites with WordPress.Whether you’re a learner or advanced developer, Genesis provides the safe and updated seo based foundation that takes WordPress to places you never thought it could go.

Well coded and well supported

Genesis is developed by StudioPress. It is very well updated with the latest version so that it is always compatible to work with. Easy help and support is also available for Genesis. Theme based on Genesis framework is available by StudioPress developers. Framework users also have access to community forums to discuss on different issues, features, requests etc.

Search engine optimized

Genesis is fully optimized, lightweight coded with faster performance. It also ensures cross platform compatibility. That means the website will work across different platforms like desktops, mobiles etc.

Security features

The Genesis framework has the best security possible. Genesis is highly secured with preventing malicious attacks and hackers. The theme based on Genesis is clean, simple, compressed code which validates itself every time it’s loaded.

Loaded with plugins and features

Genesis has all kinds of features and plugins. One can also use wordpress plugins to work on Genesis.

There are many plugins available for same purposes. Therefore one needs to specifically pick out the

best that matches the requirement.


The users find it easy to customize the features without sacrificing the performance. Creating new

sections and functions are simple without knowing any programming knowledge. Theme specific

adjustments and controls are also available.


Genesis has fully widgetized controls which makes theme modification even easier. The drag and drop

experience for content configuration offers much convenience than doing complex coding.

Cazablaze Technologies and Genesis

Cazablaze Technologies Develop small and medium website using WordPress and genesis framework. Genesis is the one of the best framework under WordPress cms. It will help us to ensure the client experience is the best . Also it helps us to provide a search engine optimized and secure website to the client.